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emilie autumn


Disclaimer: If I owned Torchwood I'd be publishing a book, not posting to the internet. 

 “Hmmm, how about that one?” Ianto asked pointing at the sky.

Jack followed the direction, focusing on the star the younger man was gesturing to, or close enough to it; there were an awful lot of stars visible that night and it was hard to tell exactly to which he was referring. “Nope, not a star, that is a galaxy. Look closer. I believe I’ve been there too, third year at the Time Agency, there was this ripple…”

“Alright then.” Ianto tilted his head back further, to the point of losing his balance, had he not been steadied against the Captains chest. “How about there, that center star on Orion’s Belt?”

“You watched Men in Black again, didn’t you?”

“No. Just- okay maybe- but I was more thinking, Orion, dashing hero of the constellations, you dashing hero down here...”

“And the center of his belt because…”

Ianto pulled his gaze from the stars to roll his eyes at Jack’s wolfish grin.

They both turned back to the heavens to watch the stars in silence. It was a chilly evening, but the Captain was wrapped up in his coat, and Ianto had a nice big radiator named Jack keeping him warm.

Jack wasn’t really sure when things like this had become common for them. Watching movies, taking walks, going out to breakfast, watching the stars. He wasn’t sure when their relationship had gone from because-it’s-convenient to because-we-care. He was acutely aware of the man in his arms, everything from the warm aroma of chocolate and coffee to the slight curl in lengthening hair, but it wasn’t just physical. Jack shivered as he realized that Ianto had sway over more than just his body- the Welshman had somehow snuck his way past century old barriers with snarky comments and just, caring. He was far too close to loving the younger man, and that wasn’t a good thing. He already didn’t want to let go, and he was going to have to, eventually… all too soon…

Ianto felt the shiver and turned in his lover’s arms to press a soft kiss to Jack’s lips, pulling back just far enough so that the murmured words were understandable. “Cold?”

“Yeah.” Jack lied, looking back up to the stars.

“Come on then, I think I know of a way we can warm you up.”

We look to the sky
Diamonds swimming in squid’s ink
Tilting back our heads
Until we cannot close our mouths
We try to count but lose our place
And shiver
Not because it is cold
But because we are afraid of falling
~Emilie Autumn