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laughingxcrying's Journal

17 December 1993
Lets see:

I'm quite possibly insane... hyperactive, obsessive, weird, my own species. Oh, and future ruler of the universe and all parallel realms, so get used to the idea.

I'm the person you think is insane, schizophrenic, brutally honest, random, rude, and just plain different, and I am, so you can either except me or shut the fuck up and get lost.

Oh, and I"m Jeffery, the guy who lives in Azahlea's head and actually pays attention in class while she doodles. We talk sometimes, and it really freaks people out, but if they don' t think having a voice in your head is insanely awesome, who gives a damn about them. JEFFERY GET OFF MY PROFILE!

Now if you will excuse me, I'm off to sketch people out with my awesomeness.

oh and people, please come up with something other than random generic insults to shout at me, it's become boring.